Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wits End

Within a line of sight you can smell that something is wrong. The sixth sense is a wonderful tool to have. But when it has been ripped from your core and trained to be like a paranoid mastermind of all things around you. You soon begin to lose sight of reality, even if reality is what your attempting to clutch on to.

Wherever we go, there is never enough thought taken in, if I do A what will be the reaction by B. By watching by witnessing ever move, every sound, every thought, by understanding the physical and psychological aspects of human life you can soon tell a lot about people and begin to understand their personalities without actually having to ask many questions of them.

Therefore with your sixth sense, you may know some one is following you or someone has been watching you and you need to think about what to do to avoid this from carrying on.

When they knock on your door, and they know way too much information about you before you even say a word, they know your identity, name, DOB, addresses, financial aspects, education background, where you shop, what you like to shop for, your most interesting parts of life, your past and current welfare, hospital and doctors details, social activities, friends, hours you work and transport yourself between home and soon begin to wonder what is left that they do not know and why have they knocked on your front- especially as they know everything else about you.

At this point in time, it's too late unless your lucky- but you must casually disappear, close up, move and become completely separate from the the norms of life. Where you fit in as the average person well that you have restarted your life. This unfortunately is easier said than done.

When your at wits end and life is slowly crumbling around you, when no one knows your world is crumbling and you are all alone, you soon find reasons to pull the plug and forget reality. In fact reality forgets you- it somewhat happens to workaholics too. They get so absorbed in what they are doing they can no longer function as a human being.

When you're at your wits end, no one realises until it's too late and all you hope for is someone to realise and just provide a little comfort when the world finally topples over and no more can be done to save your self from the destruction of outside forces. When you realise that what you have been doing for so many years stops making sense and is just the only reason to get up the next day (it's not much of a reason to get up) the time has come to attempt some sort of self fixing; alas little works.

It's time to restart, it's time to find a goals, it's a chance to make a fresh go of things.

There's just one thing, you always carry lots of baggage to the next place, however hard you try to remove your past, it has a habit of turning up right in front of a place you don't want it to. But then again, maybe it helps make the new world realise why your so dam isolating and not able to provide any information before the day you arrived in your new world.

Found your wits end yet? Welcome to the undeniable truth of reality, everybody us hiding something and no one dares say what it is. When it's finally found out your expected to answer all the questions.

So answer that door and let them in because they know everything about you already, and that's what you hate so much, your stuck with the past. And you can't make it go away.

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