Sunday, 7 February 2010


I admittedly was standing in a noisy pub called The Font in Manchester on Thursday evening. However, one of my class mates who has only spoken to me a couple of time mis took my accent and asked if I was German.

My accent is an aquired taste. I've been told I sound a bit like:
South London,
Southern England,
New Zealand,
and apparently have something similar to a famous voice, but no one could work out who.

All I know is, I'm certainly Southern England in origin born in Sutton and Carshalton and lived in the Epsom and Ewell area most of my life until recently (last 5 years). I've spent three in Canterbury, Kent and One in West Berkshire now I'm in Manchester.

The rest well I know I can delve into Yorkshire, the Somerset/Devon region, Scottish and South African with a relative amount of ease as long as I have practiced it before hand or have some one next to me with the accent. I tend to mimic if I'm not careful, I do watch myself for this. I can speak to Yorkshire friends or go to York and come true Northern. It is quite scary.

A question was asked of a character in the book I'm reading - "Set In Darkness" by Ian Rankin. They were noted as able to mimic quite easily, they were english by nature but living in Scotland
" the Mimic an effect of wanting to fit in to a group, society set or culture?"

The answer for the character I have yet to find, but for me, my voice is just another part of who I am. My voice is always the same to why do I appear to sound like a mix of everyone. I'm not generic and friends who I've known for a long time say I sound most like that of Southern England, so why do I have such a mixed reaction from northern quarters of England and over seas people?

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