Sunday, 7 March 2010

Peacefully Restarting

Many may have noticed this blog has been deactivated for just under two weeks- written off from the world of the internet. The writer needed a break from life. Its to rebuild the body soul and mind in this time and refresh where where the jounrey of life is going. The reset button has been pushed, a new fresh look will come but the journey has only just begun. Its one thing hitting restart its another to remove the past and reassess the past to cope with the present and future. Best forgotten or best untold? Is this the same thing?

The blog has been reinstated and will be subjected to close re-management over time as the blog grows in age. The writer feels the blog has gotten cob webs in its younger days.

This blog has found a new beginning (again I may I add). Its not worth its weight in gold but its better to be kept and remembered than destroyed. After all if you were a long forgotten family member you'd like to be remembered, even if it was a long time ago.

However, the time will come, it will be turned back to its origins...dust to dust, ashes to ashes... Only the words will show what this blog was. One day the writers will be gone too. And one day the blog will go too moulded into history.

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