Sunday, 14 November 2010

Painful Thoughts?

On Friday the power went off. We've been having particularly strong gales and wet down pours this week and Friday finally saw the power go off. This is by no means uncommon for us when really bad weather hits. Somewhere between the powerstation and here is a weak link, it has regular issues, and is probably not helped by the lack of technical update in the area.

So Friday saw the power out from 1500hr till 1900hr. It made for some interesting times, no heating in the freezing cold (wrap up warm) cooking dinner on a camping stove and the fire box in the lounge newly lit, and lighting the place by candle and torch light.

It made for some interesting bits of time as nothing else could be done, were so plugged into electricity, its almost impossible to do anything without its aid. So with the power out I began to notice the need for keeping life much more real and away from this electrified life style.

According to an article I read today "people spend 'half there waking hours daydreaming'". This is somewhat worrying - how does anything get done? It was also kinda funny in places too although quite serious in retrospect. I certainly found myself daydreaming more and coming back to earth away from the fast paced life that electricity holds over us on Friday.

It's always a bit novel to have no electricity for a little while, makes you stop and think about more real things, tell stories that don't normally happen and make do in a way thats not shown because routine as we know it is taken for granted. (It's a shame it didn't happen on Halloween, it would have been really spooky to sit under candle light telling stories). It's also a shame that we are so unhappy and we set ourselves in a world of day dreaming in an attempt to avoid our tasks.

Well we can't concentrate all the time. What do you do when your lying in bed waiting to drift off to sleep? Thinking about jobs and tasks doesn't set me off to sleep.

Does that mean I'm unhappy when I go to sleep?

*Post Script: Writers Island 'Quandary' happened to fit well to this. It seems I am in a quandary, don't you think?


  1. Not unhappy when you go to sleep: simply normal! We all do that. I have to make a conscious effort to switch off the whirling brain at night and think calming thoughts! I hope you weren't too cold and hungry.

  2. True true, calming thoughts. We were fine thankyou, its amazing what you can do under these cirucmstances, it was good to have a different challenge.

  3. An excellent question! And an interesting post.