Thursday, 12 May 2011


...I think that's the right word.

Humanity actually exists out there.
Doing door step interviews and meeting strangers for five or ten minutes through them, allows a quick free bond without harm. Its good to see that people are actually normal, because, I find so many people unnormal in day to day life, I wonder how anything works. So it's quite nice to beable to breathe a sigh of relief that, the world goes round, and we can all have a laugh and a joke about absolutely nothing. (Even if in the small print there are a few people who do not perform to this normality were all different) the rest of us can go on with encouragement that their isn't anyone to fear from talking to.

I thought this would encourage you all to believe the next step is worth living for, the amount of times I've seen Relate in its many formats from behind the scenes, knowing friends who work in the sector, to being involved, that support can work wonders. So here is a little taste to help put life in perspective:Wonderland.

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