Friday, 18 May 2012

For a wet Sunday morning, where April has lived up to its expectations of April showers, we have now entered the wettest drought. According to the news, this is something exceptional. l Pointlesss I say, with respect, as a drought is completely different to flooding. So when they talk about flood in drought's, remember the water is hitting hard ground, that is easily taken away before entering the network system we use to supply our taps.

For a wet sunday morning, I felt the urge to go for my walk, I like walking, I found myself wandering my quintesential middle class town that homes a great number of jobless people these days. The split personality it struggles to cope with and portray, gel the two 'factions' together, this means that for a wet sunday morning I was able to wander around and find new places of green space, streams, and giant old oak tree's. I long for the days of walking back through the forests and woodland's where we once stood proud. Where we always did see so much, for the rain displays a new picture, every leaf heavily laden with water, bowing; every branch with a dribble rolling along it.

Let the rain fall and let grass grow green. No need to cut the grass for cutting it increases the grasses need for water, it is a weed it will cope without cutting and water for sometime. It would be a weed if it wasn't for the fact it's looked after and delicately handled - then the kids play on it.

As you can tell April has come and gone, now May has arrived.

I went to the New Forest and the Isle of Purbeck, I managed to get two out of some 145 photos absolutely spot on without editting. A few others are pretty good but slightly white washed in places. None the less pre editting - my little digital camera (which is an understatement for its abilities) over the May bank holiday worked very hard.

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