Friday, 29 November 2013

Train people

This last week or two has been very trying on the commuter lifestyle.
A fire caused havoc to most of the network round my way laying out three hours of painstaking slow progress home. Having left at half four I made it in the door four trains and one car lift later at quarter to eight.
I was evacuated off a mass packed underground station due to crushing risks - (I've never seen it so heaving), I was 'bottled' down a platform on the overground as everyone headed for the train, and we all squirmed through the stairwells and passages to one of the few trains able to run.

Meanwhile, I looked on to one older gentleman in a very smart long jacket the other day, yet I realised it wasn't so much the jacket but the crisp white shirt and tie, and ease of the newspaper. More and more people are dressing up on trains, people in jeans are decreasing, even for a Friday when dress with ease can be the norm. Pulling off a well kept style, also apparently requires a certain amount of hair gel, or at least something thats looks like a magazine print version on their heads. Uncontrolled mayhem, mayhem controlled, smooth, slick, grease, short, long, long and fluffy, fluffed but held in place.

It's almost as bad as this trend in oversized black rimmed glasses, why are people wearing 1980s styled huge glasses with noughties clothing and I think it's hair from the 1970s. I'm so confused by my era.

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