Monday, 17 February 2014

Completing for the sake of completing

Something has changed recently, now the year is fully underway...who would believe were already half way through February...time is challenging us already the deadlines are coming through thick and fast again. As I said though, something has changed, why is it I now have the urge to complete things, tidy things so that they cannot be undone.

For example, I've suddenly become a minimalist, I want absolute tidy clean kitchen sides where a little bit of stuff hanging around was ok. This is not OCD, just perhaps finally getting the hump with other people not tidying up. I've also found that bottles with alcoholic or not need to be completed, as if it can't sit there as an enjoyment for the next occasion it needs to be finished off and binned or a fresh one needs to be ready to go and located in a specific spot where it's not going to get in the way. Uber organised, I think not.

This also seems to be the case for books too. I'm in the middle of what is turning out to be quite a good read. 'One Man and His Bike' by Mike Carter, except even though I'm only 90 pages into it, I now feel the need to get it done and dusted and out of my hair. As if for some reason, it has been yelling at me for too long to get on with it. I always seem to find things saying you need to do this and either not having the energy or the time to bothered to do any of it.

 Once again I have to get on the train for London, my office has kicked everyone out who isn't needed whilst the flooding continues. Maybe, I should be grateful for not having to travel so far, but it's now incredibly strange that I don't want to work from home either.

Did I get itchy feet? My voice hasn't cleared up with this unending amount of coly cough, I'm going to sound like a really odd person, or maybe just maybe if I'm lucky I'll sound like Brian Cox (the actor) with a hint of Charles Dance in the air...who knows.

Either way, have it your way.
This item of writing ends here.

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