Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ideas for the Future of Time

This week has seen a number of ideas cross my path, for the first time I can think clearly logically about what it is, or so I think.

Firstly, I guide you towards the author of the infamous book Picnic at Hanging Rock - Joan Lindsay, from Australia. Who apparently had an a deep fascination with time. The book in its own right tells a time tale, but lately more recently I have noticed more time truths.

Moving swiftly into Weird Tales e.g. Lovecraft and Chambers, The King in Yellow pulls me through trying to ascertain whether time as told by the writers of the True Detective TV series really is like a flat circle. Where Death in all his power, looking over us can not see the 3D-ness which we can, and see's earth growing in all its wonders, yet nothing to kill, and so Death created time, so that he could kill the things which grew in the world.

This planet from the outside photographed by space satellites and astronomers, find a circle not a sphere. We all know it is a sphere, but if time is moving forwards it is held within that flat circle.

I have come across three other things: when looking into a mirror, do you see yourself, or Death staring back at you, or do you see your own morbidity? I recently saw a couple of TV programs envisioning some seeing there skeleton or at least a skeleton that was playing Death with a big Scythe coming for them-- JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy adapted for TV seemed to be a certain choice their.

Alas, time is also said to already be at an end, some say that what we remember fro our past was only a dream. Bringing to light the issue of what we are doing now...because in five years time or five minutes ago we will remember it as if it were a dream, something in our previous landscape. Nothing to tell us it was for real, but in memory only. So does that mean we are dreaming now? Are we locked in our own tomb already, and what does that mean for our future, will we be finding ourselves nearer to the end, or are we already at the end? Has Death caught up with us and eating away at us bit by bit? Our memories turned to ashes, dust to dust we must go devoured in time slowly.

The conspiracy only gets deeper, what if the monitoring of people really is deeply entwined in the bigger meaning? Forsake the argument we are in the Matrix... Knight Rider used to have a talking car that could drive itself and perform all sorts of other functions, not least talk to Michael through a watch.

Today Smart Watches and Google Glasses are coming to be, does that mean that the technology already exists for other more carefully designed plots set to in George Orwell's 1984? For instance, we all worry about how much data, privacy we all have, but we are all using a our smart phones to email,  text, Internet, check maps buy stuff etc. It only take the next step for someone to be within a certain distance and be able to read all those communications, maybe the Big Data the telephone companies hold on all of us, contains this material. Last I checked only records of communications, not what's in them could be held by the companies, but say a spool sat on your train carriage had  a mobile App/program they could run to pull all your communications, at the press of the button they could read every body's phone, take your pictures, messages, emails...all of your activities and search through to find out whether your are a good citizen or not.

It's only a matter of time before the system catches up, and if it doesn't Death soon will, if he hasn't already.

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