Saturday, 9 May 2015

Epic Tales

Hi there,

I've not disappeared, in case you were wondering. However, I am trying to draft stuff on paper before typing up, too many thought bubbles sometimes and on other times not enough time. I got to draw up details for another one on the recent UK general election, maps in the media.

Epic Tales
So I was hoping to understand how to get my fictional story off the ground. It's of a guy who goes through lots of different little things in his day to day life, and finds himself surrounded by a conspiracy theory, which might actually turn out to be his paranoia kicking in too much because of what he does, but is it just what he see's and how he see's it or is everyone making the same connection?

The reason it's under Epic Tales is because I wanted to create that good feel factor on the way, heart warming, the one that you get from cinema visions and music videos. But how to write it?
For instance I've decided to go with Marlon Roudette's America above his "when the beats drop out", everyone hears the latter and I want the 'it'll be alright in the end, the happy factor tune' to come through with the bass, the lyrics compliment fully, (well to me at least).

Marlon Roudette, America
"Is a big town big enough,
For just a teenage crush? ...
Sun a little brighter...
Friends a little higher...
Life a little larger...
Does every(one) play a little harder?
Anybody tell you that you got it...?
Did you make it...?"

 For instance, the start of Untouchable 2011 when they've got the Maserati Quatroporte and bet each other they can escape the police, speeding on the highway for 100euro's, get pulled over, then bet each other 400euro's they can get out of it...and do! Not to mention the bigger true story in the first place.

Obviously, there are loads of these, the opening of Top Gun might just be a bit too OTT possibly but it has a bit of resonance, belief in escape to enjoy being here to know were in the right place with the right people, or at least making our path there, for the better.
Gran Torino 2008 ending anyone?

Life to the full conclusion of that immersed dream we always wished for.

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