Friday, 31 July 2009

1st things 2nd...

When the small things appear in the world to be much larger- what is it that goes round our minds to believe that they are bigger than they really are?

As I slowly formulate the ideas to make the first adventure come together, I shall let you know about the some small innocuous details...

Firstly, whilst I know the original drama script relatively well and almost backwards- some of its details will be changed so as to fit with the blog style, and having given it some thought, is unlikely to appear literally as a script but more of a short story in each blog. Secondly, it has to be said some of the details I will edit because they are beyond my own capacity to write the original without giving a more plausable and 'real' account, the original would be far beyond the realms of authenticity and realism. Hopefully I will make my blog seem as realistic and real life to you.

Here's part of where the idea has been developed further from:
A recent online 'reality show' by MSN called Kirill apppeared in late 2008. It was a trial online reality program, trying to move the likes of reality TV to a more realistic and interconnected world. Scarily, if it took off it could be come part of everything without anyone realising it.
Like the fictional and potentially fact based spies, where blinds are flickered, street lamp posts and signs have markings put on them by secret agents as tells, undercover cars are only known to be undercover cars by undercover operatives (and can tell by the minutest of detail changes), notes are swapped and dropped in secret locations by any manner of ways. Kirill could effectively do the self same thing.

Kirill is a man who is living in a disused nuclear bunker hiding from the government troops- all with green eyes- who act as government agents, removing anybody who knows too much about what is going on in the 'outside world'. Is Kirill just schizophrenic or has he a reason to suspect the London population are being used as lab rats?
A compelling story it is. It connects to many websites of fictitious companies who the 'government' are helping out, and blogs of the scientists and journalists who these agents try to lock up, denying their ever existence to the public. Even more realistic, the clues can be found on real websites and in real world places- it surrounds the CERN program at its undercover paranoid (stories) heart. Therefore it has many news articles from real life that the characters in Kirill can use to confuse the uninitiated.

As a first attempt it works, but with added authenticity it wouldn't be too hard to make it seem too real. TV programs, radio programs, news articles, and adverts to follow. As well as mini clips online and the blogs would add to a realism- special items hidden away for the general public to locate and feel it was actually happening in the world. All too easily reality could be merged with real life. Kirill (played by David Schofield) could be expanded further from what it is.

Don't get me wrong some of these things already exist. Geocaching for example, and does anybody remember the TV program: The Prisoner from the 1960s.

More on this tomorrow.