Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hold on to the Dream

It's been a busy few weeks. So many thoughts have come and gone, and so many remain unsolved. Stories within stories keep formulating. Seems so much has been going round in circles, but one thing keeps happening time and time again. The same old words 'hold on to the dream', keep reoccurring. Many a time, rather alone, or with just too many people the highs and the lows are formed of each day. Too much company, the right company, you know when you're on to something. Holding on to that thought though seems to be harder everyday, but as always hard work, long days, and a good bond between friends and teams always makes it worth just that little bit more.

Alone, you look back, as Ray Mears has pointed out in an episode in Belarus, an old native motto says whilst you look back and feel the pain, you remember the reasons good and bad and remain blind in one eye. If you don't remember the past, ignoring it, you are blind in both eyes. It's important to remember at least some things, even if it can be grueling on the soul.

It's going to be my Dad's 50th Birthday in May. Without being pessimistic, when I am 50, he will be retired and 77. Suddenly, life seems quite short, so whatever maybe happening it's important to get what you can out of each day, even if it can seem almost pointless sometimes. There is a limit to freedom, happiness and in this vastly busy, electronic driven society, it can seem like it all just fly's by. But look back five or ten years where were you? What were you doing then? Seems even in the darkest of memories of the past something good always comes out. These are the days of our lives. Who will remember, who will be looking our names up for a family tree? When the older generation has gone and we are the old generation, will we have kept the order and family connections together or will we still be on our own?

Hold on to the dream, whatever you want to do, go do it, because time's short. There's nothing like a perfect sunset...

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