Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Feel Me, Hear Me, See Me... I Don't Understand

Quite often I write these entries with some form of music that reminds me of what I am meant to be writing on.

I've seen a number of ups and downs in the last couple of weeks, however the last few days have thrown more spanners at me than what the local Halfords could ever sell in a year.

Recently absolved from high worries from watching over those few friends slightly more stressed with coursework, awaiting news on what has made the car go wrong- and finally fixed it with the help from the local garage and breakdown recovery. The endless mind games between previous requisites, formidable forces of so called lost but not forgotten friends... Remuneration seems to lacking frequently. It all starts to sound a bit Freud and hollow in my head. There is a rather 'boring' horror film I got to watch the other evening, this reminded me of the piece of music which kind of relates to the whole matter. F.E.A.R (UNKLE remix) no less, but look up the original and it all sinks in to place with the ideas behind the horror film from 2003 Octane. Self obsessed cults with forbidden rights unless broken in the right way granted, cults blood- shed, and apparent life styles linked to what can only be described as sick to the teeth. I digress.

Getting back to the music, this form of thought and worry, the escaping achievement and success with survival over powers any other thoughts within the context given, other than the most weirdest seen within the film- certainly not to be seen by those of a nervous disposition.
So, the point here is always get back in touch with those people lost in the past. You never know if they need redeeming. You never know what may be lurking round the corner.

This brings me on to a neat topic and deep discussion (one of many I have with my front desk) the belief that humans are always kind, willing, trustworthy people. That unless someone cheats and you are cut out of life, time will heal the pain. Relationships, friendships hold bonds. But none the less trust is built over time, meanwhile for the average stranger we meet day to day, we have to trust them without doubt frequently- even for those paranoid- a level of trust is inbuilt.

And yet, the psychology eludes me for complete answers to these issues and I cant write a book on the matter yet, research your own the title to this document says, I don't understand. (Rammstein, Ich Will) Strange parts to this world.

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