Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Should we be worried?

Its time to think about where we are going? Seeing as I keep mentioning What A Carve Up due to our recent amount of political changes. Don't forget the fact that there are a number of other weird and wonderful factors to deal with out there.Electric Light Orchestra, 49th Street Massacre, Manhattan Rumble.

It's time to find a new voice in amongst the crowd, yet again people with Barcode's on there head's are running around. Hitman Trailer (2007).

Do you remember the days of the X5's who broke out of Manticore?Dark Angel, is this yet another period in our history of looking for genetically modified, Universally controlled soldiers, extra terrestrial information from good old Area 51 Now known as Warehouse 13 and dare I say it, Vampires.

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