Saturday, 8 May 2010

Time after Time

Saint John's Point County Down.

They say photos express a 1000 words. Well I never intend to write a 1000 words, but I can merrily knock a 1000 words out in an email if needed.

Back to the subject from months back of what photos mean to people. Is it a psychology answer I'm really after, no. But if you can find what the photo is describing and explaining to you, then you can begin to question why its showing you that.

Books full of long and short stories, poems, quotes, pundit lines and food for thought always detail and make you bring a new feeling to reality. Here I ask again for you to look at this photo and see what its saying.

I also have one other thought for everyone. Not everything I say and do is plain straight up. So as always like an East Egg hunt, I expect you to find your own clues and your own thoughts. After all my "Sweet Harmony" and "Gargoyles" photo I have uploaded from the internet now show multiple meanings not just the intentional thought.

This wet road roles up the hill, moisture freezes between the rocks and clouds show the threats of storms as if peace was needed across the shores. As bright as the sunshine the lighthouse provides a way across, alas the sea churns and many a ship has been set down on these shores. Down comes the strikes of lightning, so close no rumble is ever heard. The rocks will show no mercy and yet there is still time to turn against the tide and go hard back out to sea. There is little chance of any escape but Neptune* will once again rule unduly upon this land. This land has fort time after time, you may take me and break me, but you'll never take this land.

*Neptune is the Roman God of the sea.

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