Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Empire of Climate

The Empire of Climate: How the climate affects us. The physical and psychological changes to the human race by the weather.

Eminent geographer Professor David Livingstone wants us to see that climate is more than just the weather outside our window - it's an empire that has shaped our lives throughout history .

I'm continuing on the theme of how we used to live in the past. For anyone living in the UK or ROI may find an awkward connection to both now there is snow 3ft high across much of the country.

Global warming, Climate change, Enhanced Climate Change, Natural Quaternary Process, whatever you want to call it. Surely, we are seeing an affect of human industrialisation. Although you could argue this is a repeat of the volcanic issues of 1782/83 too, which left Europe without warmth and reduced harvests. We did have that Icelandic Volcano erupt earlier in the year, the fall out maybe more prolonged than first thought, who knows.

We spend a lot of time looking at the weather, but looking is not seeing, hearing is not listening. We should be nicer to our home, it won't last forever.

P.s. For updates, it should be noted that the climate is having extreme shifts between the seasons. Therefore because it has been warmer than normal, we are due to get colder than normal. Just one of the many theories.
Debatable questions: Due to the Artic melting and Canadian Ice Sheet melting, from excess heat. Now the cooling begins as the ocean currents slow down with fresh water inputs from these sources and therefore removing our Gulf Stream warmth, leaving us very much colder.

With a lot less of the Artic ice cube existing does this mean that Northern Europe will have the cold weather move in more frequently as Artic 'land' doesn't take the sting out of the weather for us? Is this an anomaly or a long term effect? Discuss.

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