Friday, 3 December 2010


You have to imagine it as white sand. In this case, the sand is on everything not just the beach.

The first thing you have to know about gets everywhere.
When it comes in, it does not provide shelter,
it falls in two ways: gently as the snow flake we imagine,
or wipped up by the wind and driven through blasting your face cold with sharp pellets of sleet.

Snow soft and gentile, filled with air, turns to ice only when it's trampled on,
the air squashed out hard and fast leaving nothing but the water to freeze to the ground,
It's gentle nature lost on the ground, above still falling as conceptually drawn,
artists capturing kids playing in gardens stacked feet high in soft fluffy snow.
Trees, no longer shivering, standing like statues with arms covered in that white powder,
fire places alight and clear smoke whisping away from chimney pots.

Snow taken granted for is not your best friend,
its capacity to remove your sense of danger is all too easy.
It's soft, fun and coersive nature to be played forges a bond of human imagination,
your sense of perspective, whether depth, height or distance removed for all is one colour.
This soft fluffy snow you must know, it can captivate you more than you will know,
the perfect place, the perfect material, places unidentifiable and so completely new
all due to this perfectly fine sprinkling of snow.

The first thing you have to know about is everywhere...

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