Monday, 29 August 2011

Two Names, one person, my other life.

I was wandering the net as you do, and found out I could look up where my surname comes from, it's eerliy close to my real life but its not me.

To begin with I was not born in 1966 or in Derby but here goes:

Thomas was born in Derby in 1966. He moved to Huddersfield in 1992. Achieved a 2:1 in Business and Management at Canterbury Christ Church University.

Not my course but my old uni.

Thomas' mum Margaret seperated from his dad Felipe back in 1986. ... has two brothers Victor and Lyle and a sister Pat. ... auntie Marcella was a professional snooker player .

No one called Margaret in my family knowingly, I wasn't born until after 1986, I have one brother none of those names, and nobody plays snooker.

Thomas works for WH Smiths as a advertising advisor. There is little Thomas who likes more than fishing. Thomas married his wife Violet in 1997. Thomas' favourite film is The jazz singer, favourite song is Inner smile Thomas has always wanted to travel to Malta.

I don't work for Smiths, I'm not marrried and don't have kids or anyone that close, I enjoy Jazz but haven't seen The Jazz Singer, nor do I know the Inner Smile.

I have been to Malta and a close friend came from Malta.

This was all under my offical name. I do not use my passport name to it's full extent, I don't like them. I keep myself short and tidy and to the point, my other names were not found on the webpage.

For further details about yourself that's probably not yourself but getting close to ancestory, go to Research my Name

In the words of the Two Ronnies:

"So it's a good night from me,
and it's a good night from him,
Good night."

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