Friday, 23 September 2011

Music and Words: Advert Animals

I've decided to break down the next entry into little bits becuase it's just easier on you and me. I saw it mentioned that bitesize chunks work.

The overall theme is Music and Words, Ludovico Einaudi Primavera
Music and Words which distract us, remind us and tell us to hold on, to remember to embrace. Togetherness: By Orange

Today I'm basing it on Advert animals.

Have you noticed just how many animals and cuddly toys are on our TV's?

I recall seeing the Blue Bear "Inner Self" for a well known Yogurt years ago. Where you should look after your outer and inner self.

And then I realised there are a lot of these creatures around these days.
Cup a Soup - "Hugs in a Mug", of a fast paced blue (again) thing, it can only be described as a thing, see the advert, coming to give you a hug as you drink your soup. Can you imagine seeing this thing in real life?

To put a fine point on it here are all the others I can think of:
Birds Eye - Polar Bear
Foxes Biscuits - Panda
PG Tips - Monkey
Car Insurance - The Meerkats
Cravendale - Cat's
and many a pet food directly for pets

How many more adverts, do you know of that use creature comforts to sell to your soft side? Not just trying to clamber under your bedsheets with a cuddly toy but with words of something we can all relate too, all become emotionally attached too and quietly laugh at for it's honestly truthful way of pulling the heart strings.

It doesn't stop here, it turns out the big film makers have been doing the self same thing too...

Frozen Foods: By Birdseye

So I will come back to the theme in a more detailed variety, this one is just a getting started entry. The next one is going to be Musically Reminding.

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