Saturday, 24 September 2011

Music and Words: Musically Reminding

As times gone, on so my musically capabilities have decreased. I spend what time I have with either classical or modern music (eclectic listening I have) trying to re write the score on my eye lids. THe years gone by when I could nigh on do that, I'm not pitch perfect, but some members of my family have been.

RE-writing a score in front of my eye lids isn't the only thing, it's challenging or gripping in a specific way. THis is what I want to get to, today - Scala and Kolacny Brothers - Everlong (Foo Fighters orginal).

MUsic has a number of elements, seven categories: Dynamics, Timbre, Tempo, Structure, Pitch, texture, silence and genre. ALthough these I'm sure are a new version (like the the old and new Lords Prayer) re written for modern times. Maybe that's my memory playing tricks.

Still, listening intently, music which will utomatically take you back to a certain place, even to an exact hour in your life. This is not exactly the birth of your neew born, but it equates a similar edge, you know exactly what happened and everything around you said and done.
Christmas Eve, 2009, 6am, Snow falling and driving from Manchester to London: Karl Jenkins - Requiem - Grey

BY 2.17 you get the warmth of the woodwind and brass coming together, whilst the percussion shuffle carries on gradually building...entering a new phrase at 3.07 bringing you in and surrounding you. Not too distantly the tenor Saxophone solo over the rest, harmonised with the choir. THe succession continuing of peaceful, certainty, accomplishments, changing keys again and again to show off across the hill tops your success before realising the full rounded shape in both major and minor changes to up lift you. So much for grey, most certainly colourful.

Even if it is classical-Romantic (not by era) but by style. Todays popular culture, similar staves and stances can be found. Harmonies from within and without. Multiple versions of the next exist, the original by Anna Ternheim What Have I Done, and a party version set by Familjen. The words most certainly sticking to you, letter by letter.

Anna has a soft approach, notably having the Quiet Night music on Wallander, and excelling in a numberof Genre's

Next time Musically Repetitive, to take us across the likes of Claire Maguire & Paula Seling, imagery of old and new bands, culture politics and what maybe annoying sounds but gradually taking another layer off that stone heart you placed on the side whilst slaving over the stove. Certainly for ending the frost.

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