Friday, 13 July 2012

Uncompleted Tasks in Revision

For those who have seen my right hand page of information, a little box marked "Uncompleted Tasks" listed as items to progress on in life after my Destiny post (it's like writing by looking back on previous posts week) the list needs some detail towards where I have gotten too since January 2011.

The list stands as:
1. Tennis practice: notably the service;
2. Piano practice: strengthen left hand;
3. Cornet practice: Complete Grade 5 and perform with orchestras;
4. Music Theory: Grade 5;
5. Geographical Professionalism: attain high understanding and teaching abilities;
6. Cycling practice: achieve long distance stamina and pace.

Currently, I find my Tennis practice and service better after joining a local Club in May, I needed to escape from the day to day grind of work, this unfortunately means cycling over the years has had its moments but currently out of action. Musically speaking similar, I am more attuned to it of late but still no where near ready to go back to it yet. As for my professional life style I have achieved another professional level and broadened my knowledge and skills in a number of areas so that's going well.

Only thing is no one appears to be giving me any positive vibes about any of it, so am very much alone and not feeling worthy of any of it, I got told today that I should be more willing to do stuff, I can't help it if I'm persistently tired from all the work related stuff and Tennis (in the rain no less!) My week is a bit small but shattered from it, I positively lack energy for most things, not helped when told I'm not doing as much as I could be (when apparently fighting against the rest of world to do their bit so I don't have to pull everyone else along cause they don't want to).


I do all the behind the scenes stuff no one appreciates, I do all the jobs no one else likes or finding I have to sort other peoples lives out, which is all well and good, I enjoy helping others, but then they ask what I do with mine and they don't realise I've spent hours on other peoples lives too.

Sanctuary: Alex Clare

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