Saturday, 22 September 2012

Don't think I don't notice the queue's and the lines and the pick up times. Its' been quite a while, the seasons are changing the suns dropping off earlier, the leaves are falling, the darkness is coming. The fresh mornings are here, the days are still warm but that stiff breeze has arrived to say "that coat on that door, you'll be needing that today". Typically warmer in the south of the country than to the north, yet the September mist is starting to drop its dew on the car screens, to make the commuters journey that little bit more arduous.

The setting of a brilliant summer and the long slog post August bank holiday weekend to the Christmas-new year break. The skies turned in the mornings hasn't it, you feel the change is coming. Our Jubilee filled, sporting bonanza comes to a sudden closing, the autumnal hue is beginning to show. The marching of time as we move from a life given to 2012 like no other has to close at some point. But we know were into the late stages of the year, it's too early to talk of 2013; still, the legacies, the reminiscence of what has been and for every shall be remembered, the music that brought us love and happiness, a new found friend, a new way to succeed in life closes.

From here on its down to us to persevere, to hope that one day, the feelings and memories we have of something in the past can endure, even repeat itself again. And in all too sooner time, it will. The spring will come, a new sporting adventure will start, a new party will brew to bring us all together.

When we look up into the skies, what do we see? The stars falling, the galaxies rotating, the universe expanding. Why are we here? How long do we have (?)...if you dare to take a step back from the fast pace of life and note the little changes, our time here is precious and enjoy it we shall try.

Coming from me, a relatively dour and pessimistic outlook on life you could say it's all a bit rich really, but if I don't make you think about what you're are doing just remember three things. We all got a ticker ticking, we are all walking this route, we all have our Green Mile to the next journey and dead poet within us to make us go. Spirit yourself from your chair and get out there. The smell of fresh air, the new school year, people are bossle-ling around to get the jobs done before the end of 2012. The nature though, is beginning to wilt, to pack itself up for a winter. Where in March-April, it'll defrost and spawn a new summer of fun.

That doesn't mean to say pack up and hibernate yourself, there is plenty of jobs, Halloween, bonfire nights and trips to make before Christmas kicks in. Festivities do not end just because nature is shutting down, the grass and shrubs will still remain green, the mist will become your morning friend to pally up with your morning tea or coffee as you commute down the slippery drive which will inevitably ice up, bring the skiers out as soon as the first snow lands to turn the multi-coloured outdoors of summer potted plants into that cold, yet warm feel of winter joys.

I'll still be with you, standing in that queue, murmuring about the one liners people say to each other and the pick up times- from bus rank to doorstep, from pub to eatery, from friend to soul mate. In the mean time, look up at the stars and notice the beauty that is hidden beyond our own Milyway, we are here, and that's all that matters. Time will turn on the axis and we will be wrapped up and cocooned in the summer of fun.

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