Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The best till last

Dave had managed to spend a couple of days twisting the guards arms, John and Roger they're names were and he was now being accepted as a human being. Things were in progress. The guards had decided he could listen to Billy Connolly. This of course would lift anyone's mood since he was imprisoned and never allowed to leave his room.

"There are two seasons in Scotland June and Winter" Billy Connolly (WHSmith 2009-2010 diary quotes).

Soon the weather would be David's mind, and he would a be a free man.

He thought it was all to easy getting the guards to relax but a number of changes had been going on, the economy was making them nervous
there was political unrest

so they allowed for a little bit of lee way in the hope that as guards they would not have to do the job too much longer and could let David out and he would be sent on his way to wherever they send them.

Soon it could only be soon... save the best till last David thought, he had an opportunity to exploit, escaping was all he had on his mind...