Thursday, 24 September 2009

Black and White

Or is it in colour,

One of the problems that David had begun to realise during the month...Oh yes, indeed a month since his last capacity to get word out...was that the guards clothes were certainly dirtier, less frequently washed and most certainly looking older than usual. Maybe a down turn in the economy had been happening and finally it was taking its toll on the guard’s capacity, maybe a security issue had arisen which meant putting the secrets that no one wanted to find out completely underground thus making the guards think twice. Eventually David would have the upper hand, the guards would do as he said.

This world where David would be able to control the guards in David's mind meant non existent, 'black book' working. It was so underground the government may not even know what was going on. Something not even the most secretive of secret services would know about. The government would completely deny the existence of the mental home come prison. It was practically like this anyway. A world where the criminals get used and blamed for something they never ever did. However, the criminals are bought off; they work with the ‘good guys’ but the ‘good guys’ would appear to be bad these days.

So who has control now?

To David the news was conspiratorial as ever...
With a flick of the switch it would not take long to take control of society. With black outs an increasing issue in the future, gas lines unsecured across Europe which keep fossil fuel prices up, how long will it be before the fossil fuel runs out and the Eastern bloc re-asserts itself with the wealth of the ‘used’ fossil fuels? Is no one willing to take charge and make renewable energy and environmentally friendly methods the way forward? If the prices stay up, if the war never ends...maybe a deal between the NATO forces and the ‘Iraqi-Afghan forces enemy force’ has already taken place. Terrorism was just an economic ploy. After all whatever is on the news has to be believed, much of the media coverage is owned by the government.

This is no longer a cold or hot war, just an economic theatrical one with real lives at stake to make it all too real. A storm is brewing, everybody wants their version of a free world but, how free will it be when the heavens open and a global pandemic ensues from famine, pollution and population increase. Time after all was ticking.