Saturday, 22 August 2009

A meeting of two halves

David had laid awake all night long so far for the last two days. He hadn't slept in 40 hours and was coming up for the longest he'd been awake in recent memory. He knew how long the body could survive without sleep but the guards were intending to use that information as a resource for there benefit of information.

He kept hallucinating about what he had seen out of the "window" that had been installed. Two young children so he thought. They were actually 18 and 20. He was wondering about what they were doing- out drinking, partying, walking home from a long day of afternoon work that took them through the night- when the light was turned on and the guards came in with the questions. The same old questions. David reckoned it was about 1 am. The windows was a TV monitor allowing him to see what was going on along the main road just off the site. This was meant to be making him want to leave more but he knew the guards were using it as a form of reverse psychology. If he spoke about what he knew he would be freed. Not for one minute did he believe he would live for much after he had spoken though.


Out in the the Kentish countryside, Alec and Hannah began walking down the main road from Stodmarsh to Canterbury past the Mental Hospital. They had returned and had succeeded in making their trip to Eastern Europe worthwhile. What they hadn't expected to notice so much whilst being out there were some of the local habits late at night. Whilst they were walking home they had tracked down a public footpath that came out on to a public car park during the day, on the way back a car with a man sat in the drivers seat, a lady was sat astride the man, whilspering intently into his ear. The pair in their 60s, Alec and Hannah couldn't believe what they saw hid their smile at each other and quietly walked away so as not to be noticed.