Monday, 3 August 2009

Links zwo, drei, vier...

(Left two, three four). The german army marching chant is used in a hit heavy rock song by a German band called Rammstein.

The thick and the thin of this relates back to Rammstein through a number of ways. I dubiously relate this phrasing by:
1. You've been through the thick and thin of it- which if you read the history on the band, they have been a little.
2. A strange way of deciphering the way the religious leader, the Archbishop of Westminster, relates the issues of online social networking to the break down and moral detruction of society. In today's Thought for the Day on Radio 4, apparently community is breaking down as interpersonal skills disintegrate.

Thick community: Everybody knows everyone else. Have a high level of trust, know everybody's business and leave the back doors open for each other. Pubs and the church are found at the heart of the community, people look, think and drink alike. However, this can be constraining.
Thin community: People don't know they're neighbours, don't look, think or drink alike. However, can be socially diverse and liberating for others. (Radio4, Thought for the day, 03/08/09)

Excusing the puns, does this mean that idiots attend church and therefore everbody is just another sheep, is just another one of the flock following each other into a spiral of decline or isolation?
Does the argument not stand true that isolation can occur through both the thick and thin community. Are the think communities 'thick skinned' and therefore more likely to survive? What of the thin communities?

David sat with these questions in his mind for a long time. When David Bloothine found out about this little bit of information his final attempt to believe religion was doing something right in the world was lost. Would he ever find his need for high accceptance again? Would he survive The Invisbible Force (TIF)?
David had so many questions however, nobody knew of his existance. After being locked up in a white padded cell in Saint Martins Mental Health Centre, Canterbury. He had been hidden away from society for near on ten years. The apparent laws on mental health had forgotten David was still alive. Seperated from the rest of the mentally incarcerated he was convicted because of the truth. "The Truth will set you Free" he mumured.

The reason behind him being locked up was to keep him quiet. In December 1999, he believed he had found out the truth behind the Millenium Bug. What it was really meant for and to do. Soon after going to bed one night, he was drugged, removed from his house and re-awoke in the Mental Health Centre for questioning, persistent questioning. 24hours a day.

Now, August 2009, he had survived the frequent calls of nature, the extraction of information by medical means of testing and had finally succumbed by lying and proving to everyone else except to himself that he was mad. He still believed he was completely sane. Unfortunately time alone in the white room had taken its toll on him- and his only source to the outside world other than the staff who tended to his needs was the radio. Of which, he believed was edited before he heard it. He was not helped by his own ill health, the detriment of cabin fever and the constant white meant he had started his disent to Schizophrenia. He began his repitition again: Links zwo, Links zwo, Links zwo drei vier...