Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Voices Only

Do not attempt to adjust your radio, this a streaming freedom audio. It will last exactly sixty seconds it cannot be stopped it cannot be traced it is the only free voice left in the country.

It has been disclosed in the last few days that what we all consider to be civilised life may be turned upside down. Yesterday it was announced the world would have issues with the amount of food that would need to be created to keep an ever increasing global population hunger free.

With a sixth of the planet's population Chinese and an increasing population across the middle east no wonder the government want us to worry about how the most recent war atrocities are being dealt with. Also, by the use of government media a recent program has suggested that Europe may become Islamic.

The fact remains that the global population is too large. A secret program has been set up, Swine Flu is not real it is a hoax. The Tamiflu virus tablets are cyanide pills. Large swathes of the population, young, immature, adolescent and the weak are being removed from society to make a supreme intelligent society. Education is no longer the best way forward.

The sanctions posed by the UN are sitting ready to take action, The Invisible Force is coming to your door, it will remove anybody it thinks is not of good future human prospects.

Keep your children safe, make them eat healthily and well, keep your head down. This way you can hide from the forces.

This is a Streaming Freedom Audio Broadcast, peace out.


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