Monday, 10 August 2009

The real world?

Having spent so much time in captivity David had got used to his guards and the doctors who checked him over on a regular basis. These so called doctors dealt with a number of people who were left sedated and poorly managed by using drugs to keep them calm.

Now it is a more promising aspect to try and fix the patient properly rather than just pump them with the medicine to keep the under control. However, whilst they were attempting to heal the normal patients in the public areas of the mental hospital. In the basement David believed they were not trying to help fix him instead attack him in a number of ways. Through thought provocation, manipulation of the facts for his benefit. Everyone was attacking him and he had to hide.

The doctors whilst they were actually trying to help David, had their hands tied. They were instructed to put him in segregation and stop him from talking to the other patients. He knew too much. The truth be told, David had found out about the Millennium Bug scandal and what it was really meant for. Unfortunately, in due process David had had a psychotic break and never fully recovered.

From the Doctors:
What do you think we should do with him?
Their isn't much we can do, we have to provide the basic level of care and attention, but this is almost like a prison sentence.
Aren't they all prisoners, I mean anyone with mental health issues feel trapped by their own minds. Especially these ones.
It's time we found a way for them, I know it's not completely correct but we must allow them some right of freedom. This one spends his entire day in here, attempting to exercise and listening to the radio. If it weren't for us the guards would have him in some funny chamber doing whatever they wanted to to him.
What do they want from him? Surely since they know he know's some great secret why not be done with it. No one would believe him in his state, he's never competely their. It's a shame, why do they question him, what do they expect to find. Are they hoping he knows something else?

In the white room David started to do his stretching, making out he was completely nuts wasn't hard he was slightly 'crazy' these days. Ten years of solitude would make anyone stark raving mad. Unfortunately, David couldn't tell the difference between himself pretending to be insane and actual insanity moments.

"Listen carefully...listen very carefully..."
The doctors spotted that David had stopped stretching and whatever was going on in his room had changed his mood, he had snapped out of a limbering up session and was starting to count from 1000 backwards.
The doctors didn't know what to make of it. They couldn't hear anything. But to David the radio was telling him what he must do next.
Was this another insane moment? No, there was an ultra high pitched noise that only David had been trained on over the years. He had slowly learned to do whatever was asked of him whenever the noise in the room started. If he did not, a great unbearable amount of pain would be released across the floor. The soft white cushioned room had fine pieces of metal wire allowing electric doses to travel across the ground. The result of this was the stench of burnt hair and skin.
The doctors meanwhile never noticed the difference because he was consistently appearing to have an episode at the time.


I will go east and go west
From whence came
The moon and the sun

The moon and the sun will go
And the young man

With his reputation behind him
I will go wherever he came from -
The young man with his reputation behind him"