Sunday, 9 August 2009

Summary to week one - An Authors View

Here at the end of each week blog books writing, I shall provide a quick highlight of what has occurred in the story so far. I shall also give you a clue to what will happen in the following week. By no means is it a spoiler or taster but something to make your mind work on and devbelop the story to your own imagination much further.

In this weeks summary we have met out latest crop of people who wander the earth in a paranoid status. Through the illusions of what could be fact or fiction David is said to be developing Schizophrenia after being held captive and put under interrogation in Her Majesty's Prison Saint Martin'd Mental Health Institution, Canterbury. The secret bolt hole that David Bloothine has lived for ten years has meant he can only listen to the readio when not put through a number of question sessions. David has been locked up because the government has found out that he founnd the true reasons for the Millenium Bug. However, he has been listening to a lady called Anne Merino who is a young feminist at heart and wants to meet her. He intends to break out to do this.

In the apparent real world the guards have been watching him develop his little theories. Stuck against a number of obstavckes The Invisible Force, fish problems and social equality have all reared their ugly heards.

Is David just imagining things or is there something to be said for his bumbling views, why has TIF made a clain to David? The past and the present do not equal the future any more...


Celtic Woman - Harry's Game
What Irish film is this music used in?


"Do not attempt to adjust your set this is a streaming freedom video, cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds, it cannot be traced it cannot be stopped and it is the only free voice left in this city...(50 seconds where the information is broadast on the TV channel hacked followed by) ...peace out."
How does this apply to the Mental Health Institution?