Monday, 28 September 2009

Media befuddled?

If it has to be said, it would have to be said here. In the journey that is taking one man a painstaking amount of time to escape from a prison that no one knows about; the poor David Bloothine may never get to escape.

It just so happens that, in a world where your health, safety and security are always being talked about these days. The Guards may never want him to leave in case he manages to raise a law suit against them. But for one mere fact...they will never be found, they will never be known. Having said this, eventually everybody will be found and everybody's secret past will catch up with them, even if it's 30 years down the line. Here are two particularly horrible crimes in recent memory from a long past:

Frizl Case

Bosnian War Crimes

It doesn't take much to exploit the information you have at one's finger tips these days. Anything can be said about someone, but evidence is always needed to provide the truth.

After all the truth will set you free.

I read the newspaper avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction.

A neurin Bevan, 1897-1960, Welsh Labour politician and architect of the National Health Service. Taken from the quotes in the WHSmith personal DIary 2009-2010.

Alas, what do I leave your thoughts with
Associated Press provide a gaffe:

As always the government news agency. It always tells the truth after all