Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Living in a Movie

Experiences Part 2

I was talking about experiences the other day and then last night I heard this on the radio and remembered I had mentioned the same series a few weeks back called "Jon Ronson On ...".

This week is: John Ronson On Living in a Movie

I found this quite a worry when listening to it, for I can understand what its like to have to live a world of treachery, lies and deceit at every corner, wondering who is your friend and friends enemies.

This particular episode goes into not just how people have lives which may seem to be only found in a movie, but the consequences of living those lives which always seem so good to us who watch them...

"I want your Fantasy"

Its a scary claim in many respects, so many people would like to be living the life of that portrayed in a movie. Many are action packed or romantic in genre, but others see a light in a most different of corners.

Have we all been sucked in to believing we are all living in the world of fiction... so many TV and film characters, especially those of the undercover police officer type (without wanting to stereotype) are portrayed as living on the edge, close to a thrill, brilliant at there job and working against the flow of the majority.

For example, if you read any of the Ian Rankin Rebus series, we learn of the music, drink and nightmares that travel through Rebus's mind as each crime is committed. As if the ghosts of the past are there to catch him, there to distil fear and upset him. A thought that is only in his mind, but still we can see the pain, and the after effects of all the things in his life's past.

Another example would be that of Proof of Life, when a man is kidnapped in a fictitious South American country called Bogotá, the family strive for his freedom. Meanwhile we see the process of what it takes to release a hostage from captivity.

With these two examples in mind, how long does it take before:
1. You start feeling your living a life portrayed in a book or film
2. You feel like the portrayed in a book or film
3. Begin the route towards schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia

The final thing to think about is the impacts this makes not just on your own life and well being, but that of those around you. How do you cope with such things? If you were really living the life of James Bond, would it really be as glamorous as that seen?

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