Saturday, 19 February 2011


I don't foretell anything, but I frequently have feelings which I cannot explain that seem to tell me something is going to happen today. It's like the air smells, an emotion on the waves. Something out of place and what do you know, come the end of the day...something on the news tells of a tragic story, a phone call, a letter.

Well it's all ficticious, it's the case of NLP. Through subliminal ideas and random happenings you come across in the day leads to a topic you were investigating casually. Then come the end of the day all these items turn up in full suit. You don't realise your minds been tricked the whole day.

This NLP training is how much of Derren Brown's tricks work so well.

The only one I yet to understand though is how when reading books and listening to stories...

why do so many characters feel like their talking about me?

Over symplified, empathy, sympathy, narcisstic, searching to feel part of something. I must be completely delusional.

Right? After all I am just an average person in an average world where things aren't allowed to change, just repeat themselves again and again and again.

The Reader (2008) Professor Rohl:
"What we feel isn't important. It's utterly unimportant. The only question is what we do".
"Societies think they operate by morality, but they don't."

Are we ever going to learn from our mistakes or is the foretelling of the end a dead cert?


  1. Every now and again I get this "feeling," this intuition that something is going to happen. And usually it does. Since our minds cannot process every image, word, scene seen each day, I believe these "feelings" arise from that. From those bits of information that we are given but that our conscious mind misses, our subconscious then steps in and begins screaming at us to listen because usually it's important.

    As far as connecting to a character of a book we are currently reading and feel that that character could be us, well then, I think that's a sign of a good writer. On a basic level we are all the same, we all have feelings of doubt, fear, love, hate, joy, sadness....but it is a good writer that can transfer these emotions to paper and have readers connect.

    And last but not least, thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the world and leaving that very lovely comment. It made my day :)

  2. Same picture, different person.
    Yes some days I walk around feeling like something is about to happen. I tell my husband, I feel something in my bones is about to happen. It's not good feelings, but rather doom. Then, the day ends, and nothing happens at all. Tell me something, what IS that feeling and why does it feel so clear to me?
    Interesting art, by the way. Can't look too long or else he'll look into my mind.

  3. Hi Rebecca & Christine,
    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments.

    I'm happy to have made your day brighter. I think you're right it's the grouping of all sorts of information we've disguarded but hidden away, growing a wider picture were unaware of at first. Maybe it's similar to how de ja vu works. Also...

    I'm not the biggest believer in a sixth sense or of magical powers, although sometimes I wish they did exist. Maybe we are just in touch with our surroundings more - something I noted on Rebecca's recent blog entry. A sort of Bushcraft lifestyle.

    Back to that de ja vu. Thinking you've been there, done that, a nervousness, foreseeing or preminition of what could happen, so you readjust to avert the outcome. Most of the time I'm wrong too...but, just maybe, there is someone out there watching over us after all...

    Derren Brown's artwork is a "caricature portrait" style. It's definitely gripping, thankfully not psychedelic given the topic.

    Hope to hear from you both again.
    All the best.

  4. Perhaps, from what I've read above, we all have those moments of dread....something bad is going to happen. Fortunately, such frightening premonitions have not come true for me, but I have definitely experienced the feeling. I've often thought it's just my worst fears sneaking out to haunt me! Excellent write!!

  5. Hi Gloria,
    Thank you for your kind comment. Are our imaginations running wild on us? True, the power of Fear, Fright and Flight cannot be underestimated. Hmm, thought provoking.
    Hope to hear from you again.
    All the best.