Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Save Me from Me

National Geographic: Christopher Zimmer, Bering Sea Sunset

Where I want to play I cannot and where I used to play I cannot,
Where I think I'm succeeding I find I'm not,
When my head turns round and round
I think I'm getting there, but I'm not.
Lies, lies, that's what I've got,
going through my head, all the time,
paranoia in retention, a third person,
that's what my heads got, believe it or not,
but then that's not all that its got.

Find me, dine me, for all I've got,
because I'm not, just an auction lot,
but you lot don't get my lot,
for all I am is just a knot.

Run with me, for I cannot,
misplace the need of a clock,
time will tell, when I've forgot
that this other person inside my eggnog,
has taken away myself de-clog.

I want to remove this fog,
for I'm bored, of it's continual clog,
tell me when I'm free, for I want a new grog,
then when it's done let me be,
for my head needs a safe deport,
then I can remove this unwanted part, of my inner mind,
where I must sort this horrendous lie, my head reports,
for its own mort is in thought,
I must resort to the last port.

National Geographic: Paul Hogie Manarola, Italy


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