Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Contingent according to the wonders of online dictionaries has an adjective directly to the weather. As in Our Plans are contingent on the weather. It also holds characterisitcs to liable, chance and accidental.

Within the world of business, contingencies are made incase something goes wrong, it is said to be the step undertaken before you go into crisis management. What wonderful phrases businesses come up with. More nonsense when in actual fact what it comes down to is planning, yes in plain old english, this is planning and organisation.

Contingent by Right

I have noticed that the weather has been a little off beat for 2011 and so lots of contingencies have been happening.

From March Winds in May to April Showers in June this weather holds a grip over something we cannot escape.

The crops lack growth, so much for now...what about the winter?
The rivers are flowing, yet the ground is bone dry in places.
There's vegetables with a poison floating around Europe.
Yet no one's contigency has yet found the source.
In fact contingency went to crisis planning.

Farmer's have had it rough, gardens are borderline, recording code blue.
The contingent, the plan is not to stand and scream, but get on with it.
Those who talk cannot do it, those who can deal with it, get on with it.
When we want to plan our days and it is wet, we put on a water proof and carry on.

Whilst we may complain about the rain, the places we go to take on a whole new attitude and life of there own. Every little hint of conversation and weather, plays a part in how we feel that day. That's why I must go out and have some fun whilst it is wet. Or the photos will never produce, the jobs will never be done and then you might ask, after all that sunshine, are we just going to sit inside and look out the window waiting for the break in the cloud? No, there's more to be done than sit and wait with these intermittent showers.

Crisis -> Contingent-> Planning-> Organisation-> Time Management->

Happy Completed Tasks.

For Writer's Island #23: Contingent

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