Friday, 7 October 2011

Gold Standards

You tell me what to do,
yet you don't like it.

My work is my life,
like you expect it.

The kitty is empty,
but you're still calling.

Your gold standard,
is not mine.

So why do you expect me to work at your level
when I don't understand,
nor have the time.

The noise is too much,
you work with it as such,
but it's always there,
just when I'm there.

Phoning, toning,
always moaning, roaming and dam well homing,
I still don't get,
the rest of it.

Business done,
you've had your fun,
now I have a long list to run.

Nothing personal,
just get it done,


My gold standard,
is an act of perfectionism,
but it's never going to be
your perfectionism.

The outcome is required,
the time is over,
but overtime is what's required,
even still the end result,
must be defined.

Gold standards, long days,
hard work are just not good enough.
One hundred and ten percent given all the time,
but no time to think,
because the time to think has been governed,
by the need to do everything at top speed,
where thinking is a virtue,
and doing is a need,
where time is lack
and burning out,
just like the energy to get back on track.

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