Saturday, 8 October 2011

Naturally Obscure

Eternal Sunshine of a Photographers Mind,

What? You ask. That's not what the film title is.

Extra Terrestrial Living Spaces

The Life and Times of...

Photon Composers

Multi Tacetted Unbenign Constructors of the Superfluous

No, I don't think that last one works somehow.
How does a multiple person or instrument not taking part be malignant and construct something for what is beyond or no longer necessary. Hmm, help.

For something that is provided or once loved can continue if the,
"Academic Excursions in to the mystery of human behaviour, disciplined by the practical application of his own deductions" (Le Carre, Call for the Dead)

enables the past and present to join together.

The flamboyant cheese could not be resisted, but in the end the mice had made eliptical shapes of disproportionate sizes, leaving a Jenga puzzle conundrum.

I had to unload the random phrases somewhere.
Huh, "the multi tacetted unbenign constructors of the superfluous", what ever next.

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