Wednesday, 30 October 2013

People and places

Remember who you are,
and where you stand,
you're not too small to understand,
that it's all just so big- the randstad.

Like the place upon the hill,
far across the waters edge,
you meet and greet many a place,
to show a face of wanton need.

The towns gurgle through lack of water,
yet the Randstad is such a jolly place.

Don't make a face at it, be with it,
history has shown its hand upon the land.

Now remember who you are,
what you are and where you shall be,
you're not too big to be forgotten,
just buried beneath this old stead,
but do stand in stead,
it's important to hold one's true self.

Not quite sure that really worked in the end, the first paragraph was what started it and initally ended randstand until i found out randstand was not a word and had to change it all.

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