Sunday, 27 October 2013

Winters past before its come

It's been so long since I've been in here. Not really remember why I write on here, the effort the curiosity of other peoples lives, the blinkered-ness of my own maybe here, still its late and I am here to remind you and me, we are all trying to go somewhere, be someone or something and yet know we are just standing still right here.

There's a tale to be told, but its true its too late this minute to be told, the bed is calling the clock have gone back and an early windy and wet start for a train is meant to be here, I promise you I will have to work from home, and if I don't then something looked down on me and said ' here I give unto thee a  free ride with little issue, a car undamaged, a safe house and free passage to your place of work', just me this will not happen the sun will rise one hour early again tomorrow and I will have very little to add to my days existance, although the work you could say is important but nothing like the geography I once did, that held all thoughts together, I am just trying to catch up and be here...somewhere on this planet with you...

or perhaps I will just have to keep wandering this road of existance, for where ever here is, appears to be gradually shrinking.

I will come back,
I will strike with avengence to put my thoughts back on the page,
where I can think,
to understand,
and once again believe my own thoughts,
"for whence I came unto this earth",
nothing shall stop my own beliefs.

I say unto the rest of you,
do not under estimate the sleeping dog,
I collect, archive, assess, analyse, correct and adjust,
I will find the answer and make right upon the land to which you destroy,
my soul is not for your pleasure, (nor mine),
but maybe I will give unto thee,
new found meaning to your lost cause,
a hope to your own demise,
to set me free.

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