Monday, 28 October 2013


Storms are in a way fun to watch,
lightning strikes,
the sky lights up,
you see the trees swaying...

and then they fall to the ground.

It's not so fun after all when people are injured,
 and yet we are all so blar-zay when we wander around unwittingly searching for that edge factor that gives us a little kick of enjoyment.

We forget to check in, and make sure that everything is safe when were taken up in the swirling motion as time stands still and you feel free. It's only after you pick up the pieces and recognise the destructive power that it brings with.

What does it mean, the trains as ever in such british style grind to a halt and the commuters do something else. Those who live and breathe the time between waking and work and leaving work and getting home have an un-excused hour of time where you can only watch and wait. Back in the day it was top hats, big coats and massive broadsheet newspapers. Now as we pass the fields, it's catch up TV, emails, ipods and ipads. People don't carry big brollies anymore.

In all for the commuter who gets to stay at home for once,
patterns are thrown out of order,
hopefully we've done something more with our lives in the day,
to make it worthwhile
for storms come and go,
but some things are left to go.
Job Satisfaction, The Forum, BBC World Service

P.s. Anyone notice I spelt satisifaction wrong (satusfaction) unintended play on words, has been corrected

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