Tuesday, 13 July 2010

History in Perspective?

The Lives of Others (2006), gives an interesting account of the GDR before it fell in 1990. I've been somewhat in thought and in question about what the recent history has meant. I've always been fascinated by the Cold War at both the large scale Superpowers side with MAD and that at a much more local scale and human nature, of what society was like working for the system, and acting as the shadows operating the system. Those agents who watched and listened to judge each others next step during the arms race. In context it comes down to political and social views at a broadened scale.

As WW2 ended so began the questioning doubt of the USSR and its role. The movement of capitalism versus communism began. Soon a divided state and nation formed leaving Germany in two halves. Meanwhile, the Berlin Wall became a very real part of the Iron Curtain which remained the border between the east and west cutting Europe in half no less. So a new era in the history of human turmoil began- but without turmoil (just about).

The effects of the 20th Century are still felt very real. In my recent sleepless periods The Forum from the BBC World Service has provided even more questions and thoughts surrounding the effects even now 20 years on. The changes and cultural identity can still be felt being bounced and reflected, soaked up and consolidated into a meaningful feeling. Getting society to feel able to talk of the past without being judged or saying non PC things as we may put it here.

The amount of literature in fact and fiction has become vast in the subject, true stories of the published and unpublished accounts become more available and the fiction stories of so many secret agents and intelligence communities. I do really wonder what it was like to live in that time period, what was it like for the people not working for the government? Will history tell me all I need to know?

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