Monday, 19 July 2010

Burning Out

So there I was lying in my B&b when I heard some darkened music playing down the hall way. I was instantly wondering what was going on, through the walls it sounded muffled to give it an even more eerie feel. I said to myself I know that theme music, how sad was I to know it. How sad was I to realise that what the next thing coming down the corridor was an unwanted guest, or so my imagination let me see it that way.

Just as the sun dropped over the the line casting the long shadows away and leaving not only a still summer warmth, the sky remained red in the tops of the clouds. I was reading some material in my room preparing to settle in for the night, it was 2230hours nigh on. After hearing through the walls the repeats of Law and Order Criminal Intent from the neighbours, well the music at least, it got me creeped out, no longer sounding like a bad version of Land of Hope and Glory (See for yourself(CI)). It didn't take long to start wondering what was going on. The B&b manager was still cutting his tiling in one of the bathrooms. Soon I heard the clatter, the front door bell went and all went silent for a moment before an extremely loud radio could be heard playing Moby Honey.

What was going on, you have to wonder some times. Through the walls I could here this music getting louder and all I could imagine was some strange scene out of Lethal Weapon 4 at the beginning, even though I was sure no one was coming to kill me with a flame thrower. The guy with the radio on his shoulder, the music keeping him happy as he came in gradually burning the place down like it was a game of chess (meanwhile listening to Moby: Find My Baby- which always sounds to me like burn my baby), planning moves to not get caught in the fire and yet twisted with the sun dropping it wouldn't take much to think of a modern American Western as he stalked back off with the radio playing on his shoulder holstering his propellent.

So there was all this curbuffle going on in the hotel as the radio got turned down and then off. Maybe I would finally get some sleep. Only the original TV program was still playing. There was only one thing for it. Replicate the sound with something equal (Pink Floyd: One of My Turns or Is There Anybody Out There), had all the background for Mrs Bancroft to scare the loud radio man. Unfortunately I had no courage to do it, the radio man wouldn't get the cynical joke.

I would only see the funny side of it, the clash of non-descript music which I had heard through the white walls, B&b styled basic furnishings, the eerie sounds of all of the above coming towards me had left me in this hollow cavern of 1980s, sunset going gone, cowboy radio man coming in to burn the B&b down before I could have escaped across the Channel to sanctuary. It's never been easy I said to myself. Working for The Invisible Force was never a game plan, a faction of the Intelligence Community. So I thought to myself this one time: I'll escape this lot and go undercover of my own soul (Paranoid Eyes), instead I'll stop looking back in the past and take a new look...
...I stepped out my door quick, grabbed the radio man's stereo changed the CD up to Moby: Why Does my Heart Feel So Bad? turned it up to full and walked on down the road with the sun glinting just enough off the sea edge. I made for the Channel, the boats were floating around in the distance. I decided to head for where I left a previously good life, some where to care about. No more of these mysterious factions, strange mirages of the past. I could live without all of you. A new life a new beginning, all that I needed now was someone to love, but that could wait. First I'd travel. I'd be the lone ranger walking in and walking out, holding my head up high and not caring who said what about who or what. I was going to escape and in full sight of everyone, yet under disguise. What a double meaning to the end of that life style.

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