Monday, 11 October 2010

Envision: For Writers Island

The black and white of life that is covered over my eyes stops me from seeing the colours which really exist when I open them.

The image reminds me all the more of The Committed Man story I wrote some while back. I often wonder if he ever managed to make it to freedom, remember what was truly out there. Unfortunately I doubt it for when you read it you’ll realise he had a number of illnesses, was he an alcoholic stuck, did he have Alzheimer’s, or was he just so old and fed up he wanted to be alone in that rotting room.

If only he could see the colour, lift the veil and see just how much he was missing, he most certainly would have wanted to, but then his vision was always waiting for his daughter to come back home. We only find out the full horror’s of what’s happened to this man’s life when she points out the reality of the situation in Part 2. Whose envision do we want? Who do we want to make feel better – the old man, or the lady who appears as Nurse and Daughter? Whilst we can still think straight we should all hold out, enjoy what we do and hope the wool, is not being pulled over our eyes by a slowly debilitating disease.

Maybe we should all envision a better future where everything makes complete sense and we are able to open our eyes to the truly colourful and beautiful world beyond this cloth we are all blinded by.

So many times we are blinded by our own unwitting stupidity, we should all pay more attention to the details however big or small they are and gain a better understanding for our future.

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  1. agree,
    the other side of the view seems better,
    we must carry faith, keep trying!