Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Thought Bubbles - Now, forever, and the past

Photo by Nathalia Suellen: Forgotten and Never Heard

Ok, so I've been holding back on blogging recently with all sorts of job hunting stuff I have to do, but it doesn't mean I haven't been writing my odd bits and bobs down ready to go out once I've drafted them out neatly.

Well, I say that, but I had to advance this item passed the others (which are taking more time).
Firstly, I was on my wanders today and a friend mentioned flash backs and nightmares. Which set me thinking about the past which had already been on my mind, evolution and change... these last two particularly because at the moment some landscape gardeners have arrived, and today day one (I will hopefully create its own blog, its got about 60days) will have radically altered a small patch of Berkshire that was once and forever the same way for quite some time, most likely 10 years or more...and now its all gone, its being felled as I speak, and so the world goes round and this small place has yet been redecorated for more normal outside wonders than invasive species.

Secondly, I came across some music which took me back way too long ago. I spells from hearing some music and trying to find out whose it was. Well I have failed on the original, I think it's from an advert but I found something more interesting.

Given, websites that play music in the background tend not to be the best sites, I feel compelled to mention Nathalia Suellen who has only recently started producing photgraphic material, and is very compelling. Further her pictures have inspired Vladimir Agaev, who has composed some short classical pieces mostly of piano concertos. A promising start for a young man from Russia.

In a tail of twisted thoughts in this tracking of music, I ended up searching high and low only to end up with Jan Hammers' Crockett's Theme, which really did take me back in time.

All those times we relflect and day dream about how we miss our loved ones hurts. Sometimes we want to go back but, I found it only hurt, you can't fix or have back what you've lost. The strange thing is, Crockett's Theme reminds me of a time when all I wanted to do is fly, I wanted to be up in the sky, have that uplifting sensation. I wanted to be thrown around the sky, I wanted to be up there photgraphing the world below me and travelling as fast as the wind, I wanted to be filming helicopters and aeroplanes as they flew over hedge rows. But this is unlikely to happen, and so I remind myself that if ever there was a chance, I'd take it, I'd fly away with whoever she was...but if only this were true.

You see, today, whatever the past is, the present can only help correct.
The future we hold only tentatively in our hands.

We must keep hold of our nearest and dearest,
for one day you and they will not be here.

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