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Halloween Special

1. The Bowler Stag Division

For Michael centuries have passed by, again and again the eternal youth he has possessed has allowed him and his budding carriage to travel across the country. The sounds of a man with well trimmed suit and shoes that grace the floor in a meaningful way, only to be disturbed by the consistent tapping of his umbrella as a walking aid. The larger than life Bowlers hat denotes his authority. Michael, one of the leading Bowler Stags provides services to those who need cleansing from the Poisoned Forest.

In the 16th Century Amptill Forest to the west of London was enjoying its time of infamy with Royal household issues under King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon. But with all the normal day to day lives Witch hunts were being carried out too. Therefore all those with powers who were clever enough, hid away living normal lives so as to not be caught. Those who strayed from the line were drowned and burned, but for the few witches and warlocks who knew how, they not only faked death but resurrected to haunt the population, escaping all rituals.

Again and again, sightings of folklore have been recorded, but telling folklore from witches has proven hard. The Bowler Stags, have one key duty, separate the identities of true witches from the folklore and allow the Woods and Forests to be rightfully lead by the Deer once again.

Under darkness, the majority of folklore creatures come out to play. This be the time for when Bowler Stags are most alert at their duties. Here tonight before Halloween sets in the Bowler Stags are meeting up, the first time in over 200 years. The meeting would not have been called if it was not for the Emperor's death in Devon. The 'Emperor of Exmoor' slained by locals on a hunt, died on the clearest nights with the full moon bearing down on him. Due to the Emperor's untimely death and the reawakening of the spell makers within the Poisoned Forest, the Bowler Stags must find out who would gain.

Well, for one thing the witches and warlocks that are hidden away. As soon as word spread of the Emperor's death by the Green Men call, a rapid assembly of all creatures gathering within Thetford Forest began. Across the country from the Lancashire Hills, The Black Dog is said to have been seen heading on down to Exmoor, first dropping in on Amptill Forest nudging any co-conspirator in the wrong direction for his own solitary humour but more importantly for his own safety, he must remain hidden, for he now remains the most illusive and most powerful creature to walk the land, remaining as his own authority over the land.

The Emperor of Exmoor had held control over the Forests for longer than any Red Deer before him. The sole leader of the whole tribe for 25 years fell to the ground leaving a space for authority and the beginning of an early contest for the next Emperor, however with the Witching Hour upon the country, the potential for anarchy with no real authority may lead to the Witches and Warlocks taking control of the Forests.

The Black Dog, well aware of this goes in place to calm and send order, guiding creatures to their 'rational' locations, harbouring any potential information for the Bowler Stags meet. He sits and looks out across Lyme Regis, an old haunting site of his, before heading back north for Exmoor.

The Bowler Stags meanwhile attempt to call order on what will be a 400 year old test, who rules the Forests? The spell makers from the Poisoned Forest (otherwise known as Amptill Forest) or a new Emperor who would need to command order and impose the long standing law on any of the spell makers of Amptill Forest.

2. The Merchants of Umbrella's

Behind each umbrella lies a terrifying story of when it was last opened drowning in sorrow, carried upside down or felt ridiculed by the fact it wasn't given authority. Umbrella's are just object's aren't they? Well no, in each they hold a small potent creature waiting to jump out and become the new leader of the territory, The Merchant. The Merchant is the Umbrella that rules all other Umbrella's, but no one really knows of the Umbrella's true powers, long forgotten and hidden away, they have laid dormant. Every time they are opened inside a house the creature, acting as a parasite on the Umbrella, releases it's potion, sending untold bad luck upon the house.

But now, the parasitic creatures within have sided with the Poisoned Forest. The Merchant couldn't resist the powers he could unleash, and now stands proud floating in readiness to take control. His true wish: to undermine the witches and rule over all the land once and for all. His best and most powerful secret is that they have been forgotten, each and every person has an Umbrella these days, even the dearest Orpheline, a Witch crossed with Vampire desires and one who holds the key to the Poisoned Forest at Amptill - The Merchant could rule the land if Orpheline finally perished.


Due to her Witching powers and Vampire stripes, removed from the norms of the magical and the blood suckers that be, she has acquired the name Orpheline. Through the woods she wanders crying and whimpering, bringing the unwary into her beautiful sight before sucking them dry or sending them back out to hunt for more blood. Quite a timid Witch, she uses her beauty and passion to lure in her victims, reducing the need to use magic to the hardest catches before setting her victims up for their doom. In one infatuating kiss her victim falls to the ground starving of blood. Orpheline does not like to hurt her victims and cradles them back to health, converting the victimised Elf, creature or passing human. However, hard she tries to be nice, she knows that she will have made another victim. Sometimes hoping that her plan will fail and the Bowler Stags will cure them.

But in recent weeks she's found out about the creatures in the Umbrella's, for she caught one and has held it in possession, attempting to draw The Merchant to her.
Now she wants The Merchant under her control, that way she'll be able to take down the Bowler Stags, and bring down all the Folklore Creatures under her command. Just one would remain elusive but would soon be turned over to be her pet, The Black Dog, for he gave her the name and the Poisoned Forest to live in. The Black Dog, guided her to safety and now Orpheline wants all the creatures under her command for damming her to eternal loneliness, eternal beauty without anyone and no pets, just the powers to control all around her, so many creatures are scared of her and remain away from Orpheline, she wants her new found pet friend, The Black Dog, to come home and play with her, forever.

All that Orpheline really wants is freedom to roam, but she knows of too many ghosts and spirits, the Fairies fly away warning others of her presence, the Devil of Croydon Hill comes from Rodhuish when no feast is available to howl in the nights scaring Orpheline into starting fires commanding the stars to burn the Devil of Croydon Hill's path. Alas, she set light to an old favourite monument of hers, The Hasting Pier. Not the first time that someones attempted to escape her powers on to Piers, a number have gone up in smoke over the years.

Hastings Pier

3. The Black Dog

Back in the day, suspected Witches and Warlocks were drowned, on there resurrection burned. For a normal human would not survive a dunking. Either way, once suspected you were sent to your death. In Chadlington, a Hawk stone exists where those who survived drowning would be chained up ready to be burned.

Orpheline having lived out in the southern parts of the land didn't care much to where she travelled in the past, but on one unfortunate attempt was caught and taken to Chadlington, however, she was transported via a small village of Chipping Norton where a Vicar took a liking to her, no less through her seductive powers, the man of God soon forgave her sins and left the chains to the Hawkstone undone as the fire began, the watching crowd were never seen again.

Orpheline escaped unharmed, but soon bumped into The Black Dog, and as they say the rest is history.

The Black Dog carried on from Exmoor during the day and into the night, with having seen the sight of where The Emperor had fallen to Thetford Forest. His abilities to travel far copiously unchallenged by the size of his stride and pace.

Now that Orpheline was on the hunt for not only The Black Dog and the The Merchant, The Merchant was attempting to play his own game and finally remove Orpheline, although the Bowler Stags an unbiased authority in all their powers would have to work hard to not just have a final ousting of the more powerful Witches and Merchants in Waiting but place a control over all the creatures allowing the Deer to unite under one new Emperor. The Bowler Stags however, even with there most knowledgeable capabilities did not know that The Merchants were still alive, and the one in Michael's hand was relaying all sorts of important information about how the the Bowler Stags would push for authority.

Their position was simple oust Orpheline with the help of The Black Dog and push her back into the Poisoned Forest.

Whilst this was more than capable, Orpheline's trade mark was gradually spreading, over recent months not only had she left a trail of destruction behind, she sat and cried out yelling at the Devil of Croydon Hill to stop chasing her. Orpherline, had headed to Theford Forest picking up the scent no Emperor was in charge. She had at once begun to suck dry many a creature. The Bowler Stags, only had to locate her and cleanse those she did not finish off once and for all.

But whilst this may have been all to easy, The Black Dog locating her and dragging her out of Thetford, banishing her back to Amptill Forest, The Merchant, had turned his head.

Orpheline and The Merchant both thought they had the upper hand, she lead the Merchants in Waiting down on to Salisbury Plain. The Black Dog witnessed every last detail from Stone Henge. Creature after creature that had waited within an Umbrella was swiftly sucked dry, her anticipation for so much blood was impossible to control. The Merchant, thinking he had struck gold sudden found The Black Dog gradually coming up to him in the mist. To the other side row upon row of Bowler Stags emerged, Michael ahead of them all heading straight to one point. The Merchant, hovering directly over Stone Henge awaiting the Full Moon for his parasitic underlings to flourish into full blown werewolves before the sun rose, burning into everyone. The Merchant hoping to place Orpheline as a sacrifice in the centre, willing her to come to him. A new Megalithic Passage Tomb would be made for her, so that she could never be freed and eternally burned by direct sunlight on Solstices.

The only question was, who would be there first. Orpheline, the Bowler Stags or The Black Dog. The Bowler Stags still unaware of The Merchants know how, proceeded. The Green Men signalling where Orpheline had been, The Black Dog tracking her home. Those in Thetford Forest, petrified, but protected in mass by Bowler Stags and Deer, Deer beginning to fight for the Emperor authority. Deer that were gradually poisoned in Amptill. Deer which had been targeted by parasitic creatures of The Merchant.

4. The Emperor

With The Merchant being handled by The Bowler Stags, bringing on swirling mists and relinquishing creatures from parasitic control. Orpheline had turned her attention towards The Black Dog, for whilst she may have stopped the land and all Forests from being taken over by The Merchants in someways saving the Deer, her own plans were only just unravelling. Striking potions down upon creatures, her attention was focussed on The Black Dog. She wanted her pet, without hesitation she swapped from the lust of magic and blood she saw turning towards her more emphatic side. Practically wooing on her pet to come closer. The mist gradually thickening and the leading Stag from each Deer tribe approaching Salisbury Plain in an attempt to solve who will be the next great leader. She provided that quiet sultry sound, beckoning all those in ear reach, to the core of their bodies to look at her.

But The Black Dog knew better, an independent higher power over all the land himself and elder of all creatures, he just looked at her and said "I'll see you when I see you", and through the mist vanished again. Orpheline, not content attempting to call louder found herself with Thee Bowler Stag and a number of Deer around her. Was she in control of all, or were they just looking on?

One Deer looking out from the top of the hillside, called down the Deer leaving her side, the Bowler Stag leader just pointed in the direction of her home, hoping that he wouldn't have to use force. He knew all to well that she wanted to be freed, but it wouldn't be until the new Emperor saw fit, acknowledging that she would one day it would come, but only when she could control both her powers and her fire-ry temper. Until then she remained in authority over all Witches and Warlocks that had escaped the Witch Hunt forever residing in Amptill Forest.

In the mean time normality resumes, a new Emperor, The Emperor of Exmoor, and enough mishaps to keep the uninitiated humans on there toes, how so they didn't understand ghosts, witches and the presence of so many creatures living on, leaving trails, but none the less, with a Full Moon out tonight an extra stash of missing persons, sightings and werewolves praying for food. For on Halloween, all the land awake, a brilliant time to bring those strange stories back to the real world. But still The Emperor knows they won't be noticed, any paranormal activity and sightings placed under illusion. Orpheline may just be allowed a free reign after all, tonight, plenty of chances to scare some locals with that burning look of lust she brings to the area. Yet timid and yet playful like a child, but always dangerous, appearing and disappearing before you realise, she's taken you in.

Ashes of the Innocent


Photos with Thanks to BBC Pictures, Christopher Tomas, George Grie, Nathalia Suellen/Lady Symphonia, Rammstein Footage and Winification. Some of my own photos are also in here too.

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