Sunday, 31 October 2010

Never speak to strangers, you may get burned.

Up in the woods, a young man has frequently been spotted with capabilities of setting light to objects by just looking at them. Again and again up in the woods people have been on there sunday walks and come out injured. They've all reported the same thing, seeing a young man in hiking gear asking for directions. His eye's firy red. Even with all the care in hospitals, each individual who spoke to this young man, couldn't cool their temperature and died a couple of days later from burns and heat stroke.

He's said to wander the footpaths between Lambourn and Wantage. Mostly seen up in Lambourn Woods, he's reported to have walked into the woods to calm himself but never came back. Reported missing, a pile of human ash remains near to a burnt tree was found during the police search of the wood area in 1894. It's believed he takes his wrath on the local people for bullying his work style: his eyes scorched by the flames he loved so much.

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