Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Feeling a Little Low?

The ups and downs of depression are often recognisable for those who are already diagnosed. But in the moment of time when you are not diagnosed, the question remains in the head. Is this depression? Am I depressed? What is depression? With the over arching banner – I don’t believe in depression – which in my case was the biggest problem, and quite frankly I still prefer not to believe it exists and scrub it from my mind even though I do at heart know it exists.

Which leads me on to this: Not depressed, just sad, lonely or unhappy

I have found this story interesting. It's about how we are attached to our feelings, the way break downs were handled in the past and what 19th Century people often were diagnosed with Anomie. Anomie is not so often seen today categorised, in my knowledge, all be it I bet you felt it at one time or another or could recognise someone with it quite quickly. Maybe this (Medicalising Melancholy) along with the program later on will spell out some new thoughts, I do hope. It just seems a lot of normal behaviours are being overly medicalised and some medical facts are being normalised these days, for instance ADHD and Asbergers Syndrome.

One thing for sure I always remember a well versed quote from one American TV crime drama. Detective John Munch tries to calm a distressed person down…
“There are five forms of grief, try not to go through them all at once”.
The sarcasm radiates off him, she is not impressed, but it gets the point across and what is (painful) humour to watch is all too real for those involved. Our feelings are important and must be understood. So these days are we comfortably numb?

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