Thursday, 9 September 2010

Weird Tales of a Suffering Mind

A Letter to Dr. Overhill

The nights are drawing in, darkness gathers at 2000, no one can be seen beyond arms reach bar the motorway services with the radio mast blinking to cover aeroplanes. That's 15 miles away. Beyond the skyline sunset draws to a close, little else left but to set light my fire & rest the feet for an early morning start. Very little left in the minds eye, knights of power from beyond come hurtling in, fire breathing dragons with bats move in.

If only you could see what I could see, the flying mythological creatures everyone says don't exist are very real.

I once heard a story of an old man sent to a mental institution because he said he could see the fairies in the back garden. Obviously no one believed him and soon set out to diagnose him. I count myself lucky, creatures that none could imagine exist with me, talk with me, talk to me and even help me. You see once you understand how to talk to animals its ok, they talk back - in surprisingly good english, although when in France, French. I do need to learn foreign languages to talk to the more distant flying animals which come from the southern parts of the world.

Of all the times that seem so real, little is wanton, knowing or understanding.

I see patterns like no other, I can catch, watch and learn patterns when you'll only see randomness. I can make you think I'm an illusion without the need for magic. Whatever you might find, the powers that are, are far greater than this society does acknowledge publicly.

Now tell me, who was it you really wanted to talk to today because this letter is now just a figment of your imagination yes immmaaaggginaatioon. Breathe in & feel free, this letter is all but shreddings in your mind.


It turned out Nick had started a worrying trend of schizophrenia, for all we tried he couldn't believe that fairies and magic was not real. Maybe we should acknowledge some truth in what he said but that wouldn't help him come back to reality.
Dr. Overhill

It just so happens Dr. Overhill did begin shredding this letter without knowing. Strange how the mind works, or was it Nick after all... lucky a secretary caught Dr Overhill before the damage was started.

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