Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Photographs: Inspiring concepts and ideals.

Lambourn Stables, Berkshire

The photo above was taken in February 2009. At the time I was unsure of where I would be next I was hoping to come to Manchester for my Masters course. Today, I handed in my 7500 word dissertation on water quality. This means I am now free from university again, I am unfortunately back on the road of job hunting, I have been looking but to no avail.

The reason for this picture was because this was the first large snow fall, the second being last winter in December 2009. In my state of mood swings and job hunting I go out and attempt to formulate plans and get inspiration from the environment. However, I have packed most of my belongings off to family, which means whilst I still have ten days in Manchester and I want to wander around with the camera, I cannot. Maybe I shall buy a disposable one and attempt to see what I can do with it. Photograph some urban areas in Manchester...see what comes out, visit the art gallery on Walls are Talking: Wallpaper, Art and Culture before it closes. It intrigues me because it's a play on words from "Walls Have Ears", the old WW2 spy idiom.

I have a 35mm, Kodak 200 to develop yet, hope it hasn't degraded in the years I've owned the role and now the length of time its sat waiting to be developed. I used to know someone who developed his own film, I wonder how hard it really is, is it worth the while. Meanwhile I guess I'll have to rely on a shop for it. Most of my photos are digital these days, but sometimes, I like to escape fully and handle a manual once in a while, apply some pressure to the moment.

P.s.There's been some excellent photos of the Perseid Meteor shower this year.

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